CJ Hansen Staff

Bill Hansen - Owner bill@cjhansen.com

CW (Bill) Hansen is the President and controlling partner of CJ Hansen Co. He is a graduate of North Salem High (1957) and Oregon State University in 1961 with a degree in Engineering with endorsements in Fire Protection and Physical Engineering. Since 1974, Bill has guided CJ Hansen Company and while doing so, he has served local Kiwanis chapters in all capacities and also the Oregon chapter of the Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Contractors State association and the Local Willamette Chapter as well. Bill and his wife Jean raised two children, C. Jay and Beth and Bill remains active in the family business to this day as well as highly active in local charitable work. Started at CJH in 1946

Jay Hansen - Owner jay@cjhansen.com

C. Jay Hansen is the Vice President and continues to lead the family business. Jay is very active both with the Oregon Association of PHCC and with SMACNA. He is a graduate of the University of Oregon and is a proud Duck (much to the consternation of his father). Jay grew up in the family business working all summers in the 80’s and moved into active leadership in the early 90’s. Jay has been very active with Masonic and Little League efforts and looks forward to leading the company into the future with a focus on Family, Safety, and Quality for our current and future partners. Started at CJH in 1982

Brad Stubenrauch - Service Technician brad@cjhansen.com

Brad has worked for CJ Hansen Co. for 19 years. He has extensive experience with all sizes of heating and cooling systems from residential to commercial. Brad also has experience in boiler and burner modernization projects, oil to gas burner conversions and control upgrades. He is also an HVAC instructor for the Local 290 Apprenticeship Program. Brad and his wife enjoy hunting and fishing.
Started at CJH in 1998

Calvin Morgan - Sheetmetal Apprentice

Started at CJH in 2017

Casey Ballstaedt - Installation Technician casey@cjhansen.com

Casey has worked for CJ Hansen Co since 1996. He apprenticed with our company and is now a highly trusted Sheet Metal Technician focusing in Residential and Light Commercial Design and Installations. Casey is a Gentleman Farmer who lives and works with his wife Tasha in Polk County. They raise and breed horses on the side and we enjoy having Casey and Tasha as part of our family.
Started at CJH in 1996

Chad Roofener - Estimator/Project Manager estimate@cjhansen.com

Chad has worked in HVAC for several years before moving into management at CJ Hansen. He has estimated and managed hundreds of projects at CJ Hansen, ranging in contract size from less than a thousand dollars to over 1.5 million dollars. Chad is married and has five children.
Started at CJH in 2001

Chris Rice - Journeyman Sheetmetal chrisr@cjhansen.com

Started back at CJH in 2019

Chuck Currie - Journeyman Plumber chuck@cjhansen.com

Started back at CJH in 2019

Crystal Hochspeier - Service Department Dispatcher service@cjhansen.com

Crystal is our service department manager. Managing schedules and part orders for 9 men is, most of the time, like herding cats, but Crystal handles it with grace and laughter. "The most enjoyable part of working at CJ Hansen is the people I work with. We take pride in the projects we are working on and the customers that we are helping." Crystal is married and has two children.
Started at CJH in 1999

Harley Bowlin - HVAC/R Apprentice harley@cjhansen.com

Started at CJH in 2019

Jack Greiner - Warehouse

Started at CJH in 2018

Jake Ciprian - Sheetmetal Apprentice

Started at CJH in 2017

Jake Ferrell - HVAC/R Apprentice jakef@cjhansen.com

Started at CJH in 2019

Jake Strawn - Service Technician jake@cjhansen.com

Jake likes working with people to help keep the world comfortable. He has a family and enjoys camping and boating. Jake is the third generation of his family to work for CJ Hansen. "CJ Hansen has been a great place to work because of their willingness to invest in training for their employees and an overall appreciation for their workers."
Started at CJH in 2005

Jeremiah Bliege - Plumbing Apprentice jeremiah@cjhansen.com

Started at CJH in 2019

Jonathan Hattig - HVAC/R Apprentice jonathan@cjhansen.com

Started at CJH in 2018

Kaelyn McCormack - Administrative Apprentice kaelyn@cjhansen.com

Started at CJH in 2017

Kelli McCormack - Administrative Assistant kelli@cjhansen.com

Kelli is a graduate of Oregon State University and enjoys quadding, Disney, photography and is married with two daughters.
Started at CJH in 2014

Ken Stubenrauch - Journeyman Plumber ken@cjhansen.com

**Retired in 2019**
Ken is one of many Stubenrauchs who have worked with us. His older brother, Bob, was the first and Ken followed in his shoes. Ken apprenticed with our firm and has been a highly valued coworker ever since. Ken is what, in other states, can be considered a Master Plumber/Fitter. Over the past 15 years or so Ken has lead many plumbing or fitting projects to complete success for our customers. Ken is a tremendously valuable asset to both our company and to the greater Willamette Valley Mechanical Industry, not to mention the local Stayton Youth Sports Association where he has been very active.
Started at CJH in 1985.

Korri Bus - Journeyman Sheetmetal korri@cjhansen.com

Started at CJH in 2018

Kris Reynolds - Intern Project Manager kris@cjhansen.com

Started at CJH in 2019

Kurt Layton - Service Technician kurt@cjhansen.com

Started at CJH in 2017.

Kyle Sheehan - Journeyman Plumber kyle@cjhansen.com

Started at CJH in 2018

Lance Hochspeier - Journeyman Plumber lance@cjhansen.com

Lance is another of our many coworkers who apprenticed with our firm and is now a highly trained and regarded coworker. Lance’s wife Crystal works in our service department and when you call you are likely to visit with her. Lance has an extensive mechanical background and focuses on our Fire Sprinkler Service work. Lance is also very active in the local baseball scene and volunteers pretty much all the time for the various teams that feed into the McKay program, his alma mater. Started at CJH in 2005

Louis McNutt - Estimator/Project Manager louis@cjhansen.com

Louis has worked with our team from the mid 90’s as our Residential and Light Commercial Estimator and Project Manager. Louis came to us from Gensco with a very extensive background in HVAC equipment and application experience. Louis also brought a endearing passion for Ram’s football and is a champion bowler. With his bride, Josie, they have raised 5 beautiful children and continue to be very active with their grandchildren.
Started at CJH in 1996

Nate Wurl - Service nate@cjhansen.com

Started at CJH in 2019

Pam Hansen - Bookkeeper pam@cjhansen.com

Pam is our current Comptroller and takes care of our books in the front office. She is the proud mother of 3 children and, while they are now out of the house, Pam has the task of continuing to raise Jay, her husband. Pam graduated from UCLA with a double major in International Economics and Japanese. She then attended the University of Oregon and achieved her Master’s degree in Architecture.
Started at CJH in 2011

Rob McBride - Service Technician rob@cjhansen.com

Rob is a building trades journeyman heating and air conditioning service technician, and a licensed backflow tester. Rob is married with a daughter and enjoys homebrewing, and loves the Salem area.
Started at CJH in 1998

Ryan Friesen - Service Technician ryan@cjhansen.com

Ryan is a Salem native and Portland State graduate. He has been with CJ Hansen for six years. He enjoys weight training, hot rods, football, and antiquing. Ryan is married and has two children.
Started at CJH in 2011

Ryan Goehring - Service Technician ryan.g@cjhansen.com

Ryan works in our service department. He comes to us with a long background of industrial ammonia refrigeration. He is married with two kids and enjoys hunting. Started at CJH in 2016

Sabrina Langfitt - HVAC/R Apprentice sabrina@cjhansen.com

Started at CJH in 2018

Tim Kluting - Journeyman Plumber tim@cjhansen.com

Started at CJH in 2019

Todd Stubenrauch - Journeyman Sheetmetal todd.s@cjhansen.com

Todd has been working for CJ Hansen, Co since he was an apprentice. He is a second/third generation coworker (depending on how you look at it). Todd is very mechanically oriented and a phenomenal Sheet Metal Technician. Todd and his wife Dove work with and give back to the community. Todd is a very experienced fisherman and hunter and a very valued member of our team.
Started at CJH in 1998

Tom Griffin - Warehouse Foreman tom@cjhansen.com

Tom is a pure Jack of all Trades and can handle all of our logistical and maintenance needs. Tom is a graduate of McNary HS. Tom can fix or build anything. Our team relies on Tom to maintain our entire fleet of vehicles, coordinate small to large job site equipment or material deliveries and to be on top of safety practices. Tom is really one of those individuals who is the glue that holds all things together. Started at CJH in 2011

Tony Re - Journeyman Plumber tony@cjhansen.com

Started at CJH in 2019

Tyler Roofener - Sheetmetal Apprentice

Started back at CJH in 2019

Zach John - Plumbing Apprentice zach@cjhansen.com

Started at CJH in 2018