Blue Oxy 4 Air Pruifier with a screen and usb port


The Respicaire OXY-4 Air Purifier helps to clean indoor air by producing airborne ionic cleansers. These advanced air cleaners include hydroperoxides, hydroxyls, and superoxides that seek out airborne and surface contaminants as well as odors to help detox your indoor air.

OXY-4 has been shown to inactivate and neutralize 99% of the pandemic coronavirus known as SARS-CoV-2 in seconds.

Quad Pro Air Purifier box


The Respicaire Quad Pro Ion Plasma System features 4 Ion discharge points for enhanced output. This unique process has been shown in laboratory tests to inactivate up to 99% of some of the most common viral organisms including Influenza, HN, Adenovirus, and Coronavirus.