March 13, 2020

Coworkers, Clients, Family Members and the General Public;


I wanted to take a moment and make a statement to all regarding C.J. Hansen Company’s response and plan as it relates to, what is now being called a global pandemic, COVID-19. Our industry, the type of work that we perform, and the age and general health of our workforce puts us at very low risk of contracting and/or spreading the virus. Nonetheless, we understand and identify that our extended Family and Clients encompass the entire broad range of our society and we are taking this situation very seriously, first and foremost to protect the health and safety of our team, and to collaborate with efforts to prevent additional community spread.

What we have done to date and are prepared to implement as necessary:

*We are monitoring and providing notices and information via the CDC, OSHA, Various Medical Providers and State and
Local Government to guide our decision-making process and to inform our Team and any others they many come into
contact with in the General Public.

*We have sent out numerous communications to our team about proper personal hygiene and disinfecting of high touch areas and items within our office space, our crew vehicles and any shared equipment. Also, we are empowering all our Team
Members to make decisions regarding their/our contact with our Clients and the General Public to limit exposure situations
like requesting alternate facility check in processes and streamlined access to Mechanical Areas requiring our expertise. In addition our Team is empowered to postpone any non-essential services to include Testing and Inspections of Fire-Life & Safety Systems in communication with the Local Authorities Having Jurisdiction as we will get through this shortly and these can be addressed then.

* Included in these communications are instructions about staying home, self-quarantine, if a team member isn’t feeling well or, and maybe more importantly, has been exposed to someone who is showing flue like symptoms. Along with this the Company is promoting and encouraging physical social distancing practices and pursuing meetings via digital formats to mitigate the necessity of face to face meetings where possible.

*We are having communications with our Team and providing clarification on the use of PTO and how the company can
support those who may not have sufficient PTO to cover their time off.

*We are attempting to provide hand sanitizer throughout our office spaces as well as in each crew vehicle and while we are
finding this very difficult to fully accomplish as these items rarely exist in the market these days, we are making our own
when possible.

*We are also attempting to provide disinfectant wipes to all crews and requiring them to wipe down surfaces on their truck,
equipment, and work sites. Again, this is currently a difficult task to accomplish fully, just try to buy sanitizing hand wipes
on Amazon now, but we are endeavoring to fully comply with this internal policy.

In addition to these immediate actions we also have a plan in place should the situation become more severe and restricted. Our goal will be to continue to provide your service in an uninterrupted manner and we ask for your understanding and flexibility should the situation demand a more dramatic response. We will all be suffering from shortages both as a result of lack of Stock and Delays in Shipping as we navigate this unique time in our History. We will do all that we can to accommodate the real and true need of our Clients and Coworkers, which if I may project at this time, is Fear. Our team’s and the community’s health and safety will always be our first priority.

I don’t think any of us could have imagined the situation we all find ourselves in today but at this point taking this threat seriously and working together as a community we are optimistic that we can control the spread of this novel virus.

Take care. Keep Calm and Wash your Hands.

Most Respectfully,
C. Jay Hansen V.P., COO.
C. J. Hansen Co., Inc.

CJH-Co.-COVID-19-Policy-3.13.2020 OUTDATED – To download our updated policy (Jan. 2021) click here.