Chemeketa Community College

Agricultural Studies Campus

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Who: Chemeketa Community College
What: Radiant Floor Heating, Mechanical HVAC, and Plumbing.

The Chemeketa Community College Agriculture Complex is a new 17,800-gsf multi-building facility located in Salem, OR. The project consists of a Classroom building, Head House (dirty Lab with Storage), and Pavilion Building for outdoor learning/event space.

The New Classroom building is construction to meet or exceed LEED Silver level and with current and future PV systems this complex will achieve a net zero rating as well. Mechanical systems for the Classroom building includes passive heating and cooling strategies with fully operable direct digital control of the natural ventilation system to work in conjunction with the radiant floor heating/cooling system served by air-cooled modular heat pump units, while forced air being provided by the dedicated outside air energy recovery unit. Auxiliary/backup heating and cooling if needed is provided by a high efficient gas boiler and DX condenser respectively. Plumbing systems for the Classroom building offer hands free low consumption water closets, urinals and lavatories. Hot water throughout the Classroom building is served by a high efficient hybrid electric heat pump water heater. Two unique plumbing systems within the classroom building is a Living Wall and a Purified Water System for the science classroom. The Head House and Pavilion buildings have more traditional mechanical and plumbing systems installed while still focusing on efficiencies and function just as in the Classroom building.

C J Hansen Company is providing the full Mechanical HVAC, Plumbing, and Radiant Heating Installation. The Project Manger is Chad Roofener with Korri Bus as the Sheetmetal Foreman, Chuck Currie as the Plumbing and Mechanical HVAC Piping Foreman and Casey Ballsteadt serving as the Foreman for the installation of the installation of the Radiant Slab Heating and Cooling System Installation.